Road law for cyclists and skaters


Glenn Osboldstone and Dru Marsh, Senior Legal Policy Officers, Environment Protection Authority Victoria


The Australian Road Rules dictionary defines wheeled vehicles, both powered and unpowered. People riding wheeled recreation vehicles (skateboards, roller skates, roller blades and scooters) are considered pedestrians. Cyclists are subject to the road rules and are liable to penalties for failure to obey traffic lights and stop and give way signs. Minimum equipment for bicycles are a brake, warning device or bell and lights for night riding. Helmets are compulsory. Scooter riders must wear helmets if travelling on the road. Cyclists must not ride more than two abreast on the road. Scooter riders must wear helmets if travelling on the road. Skateboarding is forbidden in some areas of the City of Melbourne but encouraged in others. Car occupants commit an offence if they open a door and a cyclist rides into it, known as dooring. Bicycle storage boxes at intersections are explained, along with the new rules relating to them.

This section includes the following topics:


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