Family dispute resolution

Under the Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility) Act 2006 (Cth), family dispute resolution (FDR) must occur before filing a court application. The object of this is to compel people to visit a FDR practitioner (previously called a counsellor or mediator) and make a genuine effort to resolve their dispute. A certificate is provided after the FDR process is complete.

Exception for violence or abuse: The requirement to attend FDR before filing a court application does not apply where there are allegations of child abuse or family violence. (For more information, see Family violence.)

A list of agencies that provide FDR is provided in “Contacts”.

Counselling for parties in disputes over children is nearly always ordered as a first step.

Similarly, a conciliation conference with a registrar of the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court is a mandatory step in pursuing a property application. However, where parties cannot resolve their dispute, it will progress through the lists of the court to a final contested hearing in front of a judge.