An introduction to our prison system

Through Corrections Victoria, the Department of Justice is responsible for running adult prisons in Victoria. Laws outline how prisons are to be governed and when parole is available to a prisoner.

Who is responsible for running Victorian prisons?

The Department of Justice (DoJ) is responsible for the administration of adult correctional services in Victoria through the operational organisation Corrections Victoria. The privatisation of some correctional services has led to legislative changes, which include the appointment of a Commissioner for the correctional system.

The Commissioner heads Corrections Victoria and is an executive officer of the DoJ. The Commissioner acts under delegation from the Secretary to the DoJ (“the Secretary”) and has the responsibility of monitoring performance in the provision of all correctional services. The Commissioner has the further responsibility of classification and allocation of prisoners to publicly and privately operated prisons. The legislation specifies that the Commissioner must endeavour to exercise those functions impartially between all providers of correctional services.