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Law 4 Education (formerly named Education Portal) provides resource material for Secondary and TAFE teachers and students.

The website includes lessons examining current legal issues, a directory to a range of educational activities offered by the legal profession, and a selection of recommended educational websites. 

The topics for the lessons have been written from real life case studies or contemporary issues.  Each topic contains a role play to engage students with the issue. Additional lessons explore existing laws and how advocates and interest groups have lobbied for change. The lessons are easy to use and can be easily adapted to suit other subject areas. Teachers do not need a legal studies background to use these lessons.


Law 4 Education is published by Fitzroy Legal Service which also publishes Law 4 Community, Law Handbook Online and Activist Rights - these websites have been created to improve access to the law and encourage a greater understanding of legal rights and responsibilities.


For further information on any of our websites contact the Fitzroy Legal Service.

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