Immigration and refugees



Michael Clothier, Solicitor, Accredited Immigration Law Specialist


This area of law changes rapidly (see note below). Entrants to Australia are categorised and treated differently depending on whether they are temporary visitors, migrants, family migrants, skilled migrants, temporary workers or refugees granted humanitarian entry. A visa is required for entry, and unauthorised entry or over-staying can result in refusal of entry, removal, deportation or extradition. There is a right of review of administrative decisions and a system of registration of migration agents who help entrants negotiate this very complex and fast-changing system.

This section includes the following topics:


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Readers should be aware that the Migration Regulations change rapidly. Before using the information listed here, it is a good idea to check that the law has not changed by telephoning one of the free immigration law advice bodies listed at the end of the chapter. One of the best places to look is on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s website at