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Publications by Intellectual Disability Rights Service (NSW)

The following publications are available from the Intellectual Disability Rights Service (tel: (02) 9318 0144):

Question of Rights, 1998;

Rights in Residence, 1996;

Intellectual Disability: A Manual for Criminal Lawyers, Mark Ierace, 1989.

Publications by Villamanta

The following publications are available from the Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service (tel: 5227 3338; visit: www.villamanta.org.au):

People Who Have an Intellectual Disability and the Criminal Justice System, 2010;

Your Rights, Your Choices, 2009 (for people who have an intellectual disability);

Cripples, Coons, Fags and Fems: A Look at How Four Human Rights Movements Have Fought Prejudice, 1999;

Duty of Care: Who’s Responsible? A Guide for Carers Supporting People with Disabilities, revised 2013;

Duty of Care and Negligence: A Training Manual for Carers and Support Workers, 1996;

Oliver Twist has Asked for More: The Politics and Practice of Getting Justice for People with Disabilities, 1994.

Other publications

D’Argaville, M & Bright, J 1995, Right to Consider: A Practical Guide for Lawyers on Mental Impairment and the Law, Leo Cussen Institute.

Diverge Consulting & Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service 2016, People with Acquired Brain Injury and the Victorian Justice System: Rights and Resources, Inkshed Press.

Office of the Public Advocate 1997, Working for Justice: People with Mental Impairment and the Police Interview Process – The Role of the Independent Third Person.

Victoria Legal Aid & the Office of the Public Advocate 2012, Securing Their Future: For Parents of Children and Adult Children with a Decision-making Disability.

Victoria Legal Aid, Disability Discrimination Legal Service & Villamanta 2009, Using Disability Discrimination Law.

Victoria Police 2013, Equality is Not the Same: Victoria Police Response to Community Consultation and Reviews on Field Contact Policy and Data Collection and Cross-cultural Training.

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission 2014, Beyond Doubt: The Experiences of People with Disabilities Reporting Crime – Research Findings.

The Department of Health and Human Services’s Library Service has an extensive range of written and audio visual material (tel: 1800 742 733).

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