Complaints to the Australian Information Commissioner


The Australian Information Commissioner receives complaints from individuals about breaches of the various privacy provisions. Criminal offences are referred to the Federal Police.

Individuals may complain to the Australian Privacy Commissioner if they believe their privacy has been interfered with because of a breach of:

the APPs;

an approved privacy code, with limited exceptions;

the credit reporting provisions in the PA 1988 and the CR Code;

the Tax File Number Guidelines;

the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medicare Program Guidelines; or

the Commonwealth Spent Convictions Scheme.

The Privacy Commissioner’s website ( includes information about whether the Commissioner is likely to be able to handle a complaint, and information about the complaint process.

If the Privacy Commissioner forms the opinion that a TFN or credit reporting offence may have been committed, the matter will be referred as appropriate to the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police or the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions for possible criminal investigation.

To contact the Australian Privacy Commissioner, see Australian Information Commissioner, under “Contacts”.