Concession cards


Health care and concession cards enable eligible Australians to access health care services and medicines at a reduced rate.

Health Care Card

The Health Care Card is automatically issued to those receiving a social security allowance or benefit, and those receiving the maximum rate of FTB(A) and those receiving Carer Allowance for a child with a disability.

Parents who have a child with a disability who do not receive the Carer Allowance may be issued with a Health Care Card subject to an income test.

Low-income individuals and families are issued with a Health Care Card if their weekly income does not exceed the set threshold. Income is assessed over eight weeks prior to the claim. They will need to make a claim, and once assessed as eligible their income can increase by up to 25 per cent above the threshold before the card will be cancelled.

Pensioner Concession Card

The Pensioner Concession Card is issued to those in receipt of a pension (including PP (single)) from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Newstart Allowance, PP (partnered), Sickness Allowance and Special Benefit recipients as well as persons over 60 years of age who have been receiving one of the payments for at least nine months will also be entitled to the Pensioner Concession Card.

Newstart Allowance, PP (partnered) and Youth Allowance (job seeker) recipients assessed as having a partial capacity to work, and Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance (job seeker) recipients who are single principal carers of a dependent child, are also eligible for a Pensioner Concession Card.

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

A person of Age Pension age who does not receive a pension may be entitled to the Seniors Health Card if their yearly income does not exceed $51,500 for singles, $82,400 for couples, or $103,000 for couples who are separated by illness, respite care, etc.